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Huldra Nubai, of Harbor of Rhye, Kingdom of Crystal Groves==




Huldra Telechaal Vhiskars Mahut Nubai was born the second child of Yhan Nubai and J'nai Mahut Nubai. She has two siblings, Selyf (2 years elder) and Sagirah (4 years younger). She lived almost entirely within her herd from birth until her 23rd year, in which she traveled to the Kingdom of Crystal Groves to expand her fathers merchant name.

-Younger Years-

-Middle Years-


Huldra has been in the Groves for a full year at this point. She has not gained any titles but has been doing her best to make friends with whomever she can.


The Children of Dorn are a nomadic race of goatkin. Their laws and habits are explained here.

-The Gathering-

Every four years the Children of Dorn meet together in a specified location for a Gathering. The Gathering lasts from no less than four days to no more than eight days, depending on the security of the location. At the Gatherings there is mourning of the dead, electing new officials for the Council of Elders, weddings, wedding arrangements, storytelling, and celebrating.

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