Arthon of the Golden City

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Sir Arthon of the Golden City, of Tori-Mar The Celestial Kingdom.

“A fair number of people worship Glorious, Spyn and Lief. An entirely different subset of people worship Arthon. !”-Glen

"I couldn't tell if he was a flame knight or a mummy." Sponge


Arthon of the Golden City
Current Park BTG
Kingdom CK
Year Started 1989
Company The Chosen
Noble Title Knight, Warlord

Bardic Master and Throwing Dagger King of the Celestial Kingdom. Arthon has been playing Amtgard since the founding of the Emerald Hills. He was made a Sword Knight by Barad Duin not long after the HFS Amtgard split in 1991, and was knighted again in 1995 by the Celestial Kingdom. A self proclaimed warlord of the 90's, Arthon has been spreading the love for a decade now, he remains a international draw at Amtgard and HFS events as people seek him out on the battle field to take his measure. Little known facts about Arthon include a pulsing vein on his forehead, his left arm is useless in all tasks other than hanging a shield from it, he loves the latin language, and he has a penchant for old man tricks.

Some Fairly Well Known Facts:

  • Arthon was also the first HFS Dragon Knight from the Kingdom of Barad Duin.
  • Arthon is one of the of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  • Arthon's theme song is "Flash of the Blade" by Iron Maiden.
  • Arthon loves poetry, and "Uncle Arty's Poetry Corner" is a long standing feature of Torchnet.
  • Arthon has fifteenteen orders of the Rose

Some Fairly Unknown Facts:

  • To get into the GCA it is best to ask Arthon while he's drunk. Preferrably drunk on your beer.
  • To get into The Chosen you must ask Arthon at Spring War. Much like getting into the GCA your chances are greatly improved if he's drunk on your alcohol.

Affiliated Groups

Arthon is a founding member and High Priest of The Sacred Order of the Righteous Brotherhood of the Chosen, Holy Warriors of Bob the Unforgiving. He is also a founding member of the Golden City All-Stars and wears jersey number #6

Belted Family

Arthon has had several squires, starting with Harlequin back in old Barad Duin, Bael Silverflame was also one of his squires.

Arthon is also Man at Arms to Squire MacGyver Craftywhacks

Notable Accomplishments


Arthon at Clan 2007


Here pictured from left to right with Kane, Slyddur, the man himself, and Megiddo.



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