Arden Dawnseeker

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Arden Dawnseeker
Arden taurendor.jpg
Green is his color.
Park Terminus
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Started 2015
Noble Title Duke
Belted Status Man at Arms
Belted Under Lord Squire Rellik Esquire
Contact Information
E-Mail [email protected]
Phone 302-682-9426

Duke Arden Dawnseeker the Extra, of Terminus, Crystal Groves

Hats on Hats on Hats


A humble elf of questionable origins, Arden spends most of his time planning more projects than he has time for. Particularly fond of the color green, he is always available to answer a question or assist a player when asked. Some of his work hes known for are his skills in Woven Macramé, Plastidip shields, and marital arts Kata. He's also quite a wily spell slinger, as he can usually be found on the battlefield playing Healer or Druid.

Originally a resident of Bandit Flats East, Arden carved out a path to Kingdom level leadership early on, holding multiple offices before jumping up to the position of Monarch. Needing to set himself apart from his home, he left BFE with Countess Aelin to spend some time finding their way with the fine folks of Rising Sun while in office, and eventually founded the Shire of Terminus in Salisbury, MD in 2018.

He is the instigator of the Avian War.

Affiliated Groups

  • Counterstrike (Current)
  • Checkmate (Former)
  • Beast From The East (Former)
  • Order of Tauren (Former)
  • House Atlas

Belted Family

Sir Shiva (Crown 2014 : Flame 2018) #TEAMSHIVA

Notable Accomplishments

-Trash-Crat at FOD 2016

-Co Hydra-Crat at KSM 2017

-Co-AutoCrat at Serpent Symposium 2017

-War-Crat at FOD 2017

-Troll-Crat at Yule 2018

-AutoCrat at KSM 2018

-CoAutoCrat at Yule 2019(Cancelled due to inclement weather)

-AutoCrat at FOF 2019

-WarCrat at KSM 2019

-Master Title(Given at Feast of Fools 2016)

-Master Healer (Given at Feast of Fools 2017)

-2nd Place Overall Dragonmaster at Feast of Fools 2017

-Duke Title (Given at Feast of Dead 2018)

-Co-Founder for the park Terminus.


-Bandit Flats East Prime Minister: February 2016-October 2016

-Bandit Flats East Baron: October 2016-May 2017

-Bandit Flats East Regent: May 2017-October 2017

-Kingdom of Crystal Groves King: October 2017-October 2018)

-Terminus Monarch: October 2018-Present

-Kingdom of Crystal Groves Corpora Committee: 2016-September 2017

-Kingdom of Crystal Groves Board of Directors,Secretary: April 2017-December 2017

-Kingdom of Crystal Groves Board of Directors,Vice President: December 2017-Present

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