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Z.Ombie,wanderer of Winter's Edge

Z.Ombie of House Mander
You'll never see it coming...

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💀Ethereal Enigma
💀Heckin Sneaky Somewhat Cheeky


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Member of the Kingdom of Winter's Edge 💀 Z. first attended Amtgard around 2013-2014; becoming a member of Dragon's Hollow

  • Later wandered to Radiant Valleyand took up position there
  • Frequented Mechia and Faila Ranaefor shenanigans
  • Met Ruque as a roaming bodyguard; then captured & turned in Ruque for a bounty
  • August 10,2019 Paged to Ruque
  • Was sent on a mission to test security of WE monarchy by Rek and attempted to assassinate Haraldr Door-Smasher
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💀 February 5,2022 Paragon Assassin


🐻Bjorn Clan
❄️Amtgard Scribes Guild
💧Bardic College of Winter's Edge
⚔️Hidden Blades
🗡Crimson Blades


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・:*:・。.Belted Family.。・:*:・

Paragon Assassin

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