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Battlemaster Viscount Haraldr "The Everbastard" Door-Smasher, of Emerald Winds, Defender of the Kingdom of Winter's Edge

Biography, Mundane:
In 2011, Haraldr was at a friend's birthday party when Sidius Remiir introduced him to the game. The next Saturday he went to the local park meeting and has been attending as often as he could since then. When Sidius moved away from Emerald Winds emergency elections were held, and Haraldr was selected as the prime minister of Emerald Winds. Since then, he has held the office of Prime Minister very often, with some time spent as the park's monarch.

In 2019, when Emerald Winds folded, Haraldr started attending Everliving Woods on their biweekly meetings, enjoying the comradery and tough battlegames, he learned much from them, like the importance of carrying extra weapons and using javelins. After some time there, he ran and was elected champion. In 2022, Haraldr started the attempt to reopen Emerald Winds, though being kingdom champion at the time, he was unable to commit as much as he wanted. Sidious took up the mantle and gave the park a strong reopening.

Biography, Persona:
Haraldr was orginally born in Lapland near the settlement of Saltoluokta and originally spoke Lule Sami, later in life he became a guard for Constantine XI Palaiologos. He was involved in the defense of Constantinople, where he was cornered in the city, and before being slain, fell into a portal and into the Barony of Emerald Winds. He was at first was very confused by his inability to die or the existence of magic. He has however grown accustomed to these things over time.

Haraldr felt lost for some time as he was in the dynamic and ageless world of Amtgard. Though he finally found purpose in serving the crown of Winter's Edge. He has served the crown through being a steadfast guard, by being a loyalist in civil war, and by travelling through time itself to save the kingdom. He has never questioned the crown, no matter whom may wear it. Though he does wonder if there be a higher power in the White Light, which he knows to have power over life and health.

Door-Smasher Heraldry, art credit Z. Ombie
From top left to bottom right: Haraldr, Catnip, Val'Krynn, and Tuna; 2023
Circa 2019, Everliving Woods
Winter's Edge Summer Midreign, 2021

Affiliated Groups:

Belted Family:

Notable Accomplishments:


  • Lord (2017)
  • Paragon Warrior (2018)
  • Baronet (2019)
  • Viscount (2022)
  • Defender (2023)
  • Battlemaster (2023)
  • Baron (2024)
  • Paragon Scout (2024)


  • Prime Minister of Emerald Winds on numerous occasions(Beginning in 2013, along with multiple terms and pro tempore terms with unrecorded exact dates)
  • Monarch of Emerald Winds (Sometime in 2014, possibly into 2015)
    • Spring 2019
    • Spring 2023
    • Fall 2023
  • Champion of Emerald Winds (Spring Term 2019)
  • Champion of Everliving Woods
    • Fall 2020, pro-tem
    • Spring 2021
    • Fall 2021
  • Champion of the Kingdom of Winter's Edge
    • Fall 2019
    • Spring 2020
    • Spring 2022
  • Guildmaster of Reeve's of the Kingdom of Winter's Edge (Winter Term 2024)

Crat Positions:

  • Warcrat
    • Winter's Edge Spring Coro 2019
    • Winter's Edge Summer Midreign 2022
    • Winter's Edge Fall Coro 2022
  • Gatecrat
    • Arts & Sciences Symposium (2019 & 2020)
    • Winter's Edge Summer Midreign 2019
  • Cleancrat at Winter's Edge Winter Midreign 2022
  • Hydrocrat at Winter's Edge Spring Coronation 2022

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