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Baronet Squire Rek Wolffsen, of Souls Crossing, Winters Edge

”By force, not wisdom”


Rek's story doesn't really start until the day he died. He arrived at the gates of Valhalla and was met by Loki in disguise. Loki told him he was not, in fact, in Valhalla. He then offered to bring Rek back to Midgard and make him immortal. Rek accepted and awoke in the land of Souls Crossing. Everything was fine, until the first full moon, when Rek discovered his immortality came with the cost of lycanthropy. Rek started studying Shamanism, in an attempt to reverse the lycanthropy. At the time, the crossing came under attack by the forces of Winter's Edge. During the attack, a powerful wizard cast a spell on Rek, and his consciousness was replaced by an even more evil entity that called himself Tsenor (pronounced sinner). Tsenor then raised an army of undead and went on a rampage through Winter's Edge, destroying most of the provinces. The remaining citizens banded together and harnessed time travel to go back and reverse what Tsenor had done. The citizens were successful and Rek regained control of his body, while Tsenor was sent to the Greek underworld. Tsenor eventually escaped and destroyed Rek's village, after Rek had taken command of Souls Crossing. The conflicts continues to this day.

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House Moon Stalker

Belted Family

Squired to Sir Voshe

Sir Voshe (Serpent 2014)

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