Tyr Ironscales

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Squire Tyr Ironscales, of The Frostlands, in the Kingdom of Polaris

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Began playing in August 2013 at Jupiter's Stones. While at Jupiter's stones was granted a page belt by Dame Tyedye until her untimely passing. Tyr remained in JS until it closed down. He then moved his credits to Knights Rest where he played until 2016 when he moved to Alton Illinois and moved his credits to Black Ember Fortress. After his divorce Tyr moved his credits to Hollow Mountain. Tyr is currently a kitchen slave paged to Fira Ironscales. Tyr also can be found commonly at SCA events or at the SCA park Barony of Three Rivers.

In 2021 he moved to Polaris and joined The Frostlands

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Sir Manama Proster (Serpent)

Notable Accomplishments

  • TD Feast Rep Known World War 2017
  • Winter Court Feast Chief 2018 SCA

More Information

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