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Squire Trieste Ec'Cranhyr of Inland Ocean

”I don't want to get stabbed, I don't know what to do not to get stabbed.” Trieste & everett.jpg

The one on the right (you're welcome Brian)


First played Amtgard in '92 or '93 at fighter practices in Boulder, Colorado kingdom of Iron Mountains. Didn't come out again till the Mystic Seas, 2002-2003 where he played, became squire to Lukor, took another break to re-emerge in 2009 in the Northern Lights before moving south to San Diego, founding Sunset Cliffs. Has one brother Dourn and one cousin Everett active in Amtgard.

Affiliated groups

Belted Line

Notable Accomplishments

  • Regent of the kingdom of the Mystic Seas in 2002
  • No legs weapon master of Cinder Fields
  • Founded Sunset Cliffs, September 2009
  • BlackSpire Weaponmaster August 2011

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