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Nico, of Siar Geata and Crimson Sanctum Westmarch

”Make trees not war”
"I'd probably stop most people doing something like that, but you look like you're having way too much fun." -Miles Ookami

Yay finally a goodish picture


This was Nico when he was 13 years old and about a year into Amtgard, in 2009. Being introduced to the game through a friend's birthday party, he began frequenting the park. His first class was Druid, after witnessing a 6th level warrior perma-locked by entangle. The idea of being able to this appealed to him greatly, as said 6th level Warrior was kicking his ass all day. So his journey began. He played for a good two years, achieving 6th level Druid, and 2nd level Monster and Wizard before taking a break from Amtgard.

It's now 2012 and Nico has started coming out to his local park once more. He's taken heavy interest in playing Lepus, a monster class to which he has great affection. He is now 17, and his future plans include attending college and hopefully continuing going to Amtgard wherever that may be (Probably LA county).


Nico was the first of the Baker clan to start playing Amtgard, he soon introduced Kiri, and Shorticus to the game helping them become players of reknown.. Unknown to most of Amtgard, Nico is the most skilled among them all. -Kiri

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