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Nico, of Inland Ocean and The Hollow, The Kingdom of the Northern Lights

”Make trees not war”
"I'd probably stop most people doing something like that, but you look like you're having way too much fun." -Miles Ookami

Nico, age 13, reeving a game of Amtgard at his home park, Siar Geata
Nico, age 13, reeving a game of Amtgard at Siar Geata

Nico, 15 years later at age 28, playing Bard in a Gambeson at Spring NLCC 2023
Nico, 15 years later at age 28, playing Bard in a Gambeson at Spring NLCC 2023

Being introduced to the game through a friend's birthday party, he began frequenting the park Siar Geata. His first class was Druid, after witnessing a 6th level warrior perma-locked by entangle. The idea of being able to this appealed to him greatly, as said 6th level Warrior was kicking his ass all day. So his journey began. He played for a good two years, achieving 6th level Druid, and 2nd level Monster and Wizard before taking a break from Amtgard.

In 2012, Nico spent some time attending Amtgard at Siar Geata once more, playing the monster Lepus in v7 before shipping off to LA County for college. There, Nico spent some time throughout the 2010s playing at the lands of Bremen's Fortress and Valley of the Fallen, taking a liking to v8s new incarnation of the Bard class for its spellblade capabilities, enjoying both fighting and the newly refined magic system in v8.

In the post pandemic world of 2022, Nico moved to the Pacific Northwest after achieving his lifelong goal of getting a job in the video games industry, an aspiration surely inspired in part by creating custom magic and classes for both v7 and v8 as a younger man. There, he happily continues his Amtgard journey as a Wizard, gravitating to the playstyle which allows him to carry a billion Spell Balls, enjoying throwing them at folks.

Nico looks to the horizons of the Healer class, eagerly anticipating joining the club of fully leveled casters.


Nico was the first of the Baker clan to start playing Amtgard, he soon introduced Kiri, and Shorticus to the game helping them become players of reknown.. Unknown to most of Amtgard, Nico is the most skilled among them all. -Kiri

Even in 2023, Nico regularly travels to his homelands of Westmarch, where he continues to visit Siar Geata, dragging his younger brother Shorticus along with him whenever he gets the opportunity.

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