Moving Trees

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Amtgard Chapter
Moving trees logo-transparent.png
Moving Trees, The
Kingdom Freehold
Status Shire
City Ellensburg, Washington
Park MT. View Park
Meets on Sundays 1pm-dark
Founded 2009
Active Defunct

A defunct Freehold, located in Ellensburg, WA.


In 2009 Moving Trees (Now Sacred Wind. It was renamed in 2011.) was founded when some of the old Sacred Winds members returned to bring back Amtgard to the town. The focus was to recruit younger, local kids as a base, then expand to the college for membership. Moving Trees now boasts members between 15-20 on any given game day, with hopes to grow through hard work and continued recruitment. The group's younger members have reached out to the high school and managed to bolster the numbers. Word has also spread to the neighboring towns where members commute 35 miles to swing stick.

  • The Moving Trees was contracted on April 28, 2009.
  • The Moving Trees switched parks from kiwanis park to MT. View Park in 2010.


Sheriff: Ender

Regent: Snuggles De Fluff Fluff

Shire-Champion: Fin now called Munch Ironfistersson

Populace as of 2011

Alterra Antubis Card Darkanral Dirkish Ender Fett Grimslade
Grumby Jumenesta Kendle Krantros Lelouch Meatloaf Mimic Murlork
user:Munch Mudd Narzul Peehs Rookie
Romar Shine Sigrid Snuggles De Fluff Fluff Veritas Zig Zog


MT. View Park

Other chapters founded in Ellensburg, WA.

The Shire of Sacred Winds

Moving trees logo-transparent.png
Moving trees panorama
Moving Trees was Renamed Sacred Wind because its easier to use the old Sacred Wind's brand, then to build a new one.

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