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Grimslade, Sacred Wind, Kingdom of Blackspire


Grimslade: Personal Heraldry
Home Park Sacred Wind
Kingdom Blackspire
Year Started 2010




Grimslade was a long-time SCA participant who was looking for something similar that would take a bit less time. SCA events are fun, but tend to take an entire weekend. Fighter's practices are during the week, and difficult to balance with a busy work schedule. Amtgard on the other hand is the sort of thing that one can participate in for a few hours on a weekend afternoon with a minimum of fuss. Sold!

After a bit of investigation in 2010 he heard about Sacred Wind, an Amtgard chapter in Ellensburg, Washington. He tried to attend a few games, but no one showed up. It turned out that the information on the internet was out-of-date, and the chapter had folded some time before. So he tracked down those formerly in charge and dragged them out to the park to start up the group again. For a while, the newly-reconstituted group was called Moving Trees, but once Peehs and a few others got back involved they changed the name back to Sacred Wind. It is a better name, after all.

In September of 2011 Grimslade sprained his ankle at work in the "real world", and thus was unable to participate in Amtgard combat until February of 2012.



Grimslade is married to Sigrid. They have a daughter, Lily.


Affiliated Groups


Character Classes and Levels

Archer 4. Warrior 6.

Notable Accomplishments

Grimslade was instrumental in getting Amtgard re-established in Ellensburg, Washington. Sacred Wind is currently 98% drama-free.

Grimslade has served as Sheriff (with Prime Minister duties included) of Moving Trees and Sacred Wind. He spent a term as Regent and a term as Champion in Sacred Wind. He spent part of a term as Prime Minister for Sacred Wind, but left the post when he got a job offer in Tacoma.

Grimslade is officially Reeve-Qualified.

Grimslade was Captain of Sacred Wind's 2012 Relay for Life team in Kittitas County.

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