Kitsunes of Amtgard

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Also known as KOA, a Household dedicated to the roleplaying of Kitsune, as well as garbing, tactics, the monster class and other aspects. We have quickly grown in such a short amount of time and we love bouncing ideas off of one another as well as causing a little mischief at events. One may notice us as the people that walk around with tails.

Our house colors are brown, yellow, orange and red. Brown for the tawny of the fox, and the yellow, orange and red for the heat of the flame that we are so drawn and connected to.

We hope to connect foxes everywhere to one another, that way our knowledge can spread to one another, forming not only great things for ourselves, but for others as well.

Oh, and shinies are good.


Taver wants to see this household SHINE. As a member of the KOA it will be your obligation to:

  • Become Reeve Qualified
  • Help with feasts
  • Try to have an upbeat attitude
  • Help others!

The reasoning for this is to have our members be able to fill in any slot needed, be it on or off the field.


The K.O.A. Was dreamed up by three kitsune (Ninetails, Taver, and Triangl) in the Rising Winds during Discord of 2008. The trio had many ideas for the group, and still plans to execute them. They had the most illegal circle of protection in the whole kingdom. Leave it to those foxes. =]

One year after our formation, we met once more at Discord with many more in tow. Discord is now decidedly the event at which we will be conducting most of our business.


Initiate Status

Initiates are referred to as Kits, the cute little foxes that need a leg up in the Household. An initiate will remain a Kit until they are deemed worthy for full status, and thus moved up to a two-tail. Ranks are gained by mastery of the Kitsune class, and do not go by levels alone, but by skill. One may be a 4th level monster, but until they prove that they can control themselves, they will retain Four-tail status instead of gaining the rank of a five-tail.


Attend an event with us! We'd love to guage your abilities! If that's not possible, then talk with us.


Simply contact Taver and join the yahoo group to keep up-to-date on things.