Jerenda the Wizard

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Squire Jerenda the Wizard, of Wymzee Dayle, Desert Winds

“’Tis I, Jerenda the Wizard. Prepare to be amazed.”

Jerenda the Wizard
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Jerenda in a hat that she definitely stole
Chapter Mourningwood Glen
Kingdom Emerald Hills
Started 2018
Noble Title N/A
Belted Status Squire
Belted Under Sindari Elfstone


Jerenda the Wizard (who plays a bard) hails from a distant plane. She was sent here by a wizard to study magic and train to defend her people in a brewing war. But he didn't tell her how to get back. She's sure she'll figure it out sooner or later.

She was dropped into Amtgard in the kingdom of the Desert Winds and began studying the magic and stories available in this new plane. With the guidance of Sir Mesreth, she created a magic sword that was then stolen by a goblin, Yagh-hob. She became a squire to Sindari Elfstone and set out on a quest for a year and a day to improve her magic and fighting skills so that she would become strong enough to defeat Yagh-hob.

To this end, she traveled to the Emerald Hills and lived among the elves of Mourningwood Glen to study and learn from them for a time. When her quest is over, she will return to the lands of Wymzee Dayle and defeat Yagh-hob to reclaim her sword.


Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

  • Squired to Archduchess Dame Sindari Elfstone
  • Apprentice Reeve & Champion to Lord Leo Martin, Defender of the Desert Winds, Walker in the Middle

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