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J-Orc Moonshadow-Wolfblade Esquire, Former Master Wizard, of Hel's Gate under the Kingdom of Crystal Groves

J-Orc Moonshadow-Wolfblade
Home Park Hel's Gate
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Year Started 2003
Noble Title Esquire
Belt Status none


J-Orc left and Jester right. Fighting in Gargoyle's Gate crown quals tournament.

Actual History

Started in December of 2006 and has played in Virginia for most of that time. Has played at Sea of Rhye, a co-founder of Veles Harbour, a co-founder Harbour of Rhye, Gargoyle's Gate, and Mists of the Dawn. Has been playing mostly Wizard since he started and would probably be a Master Wizard if he gave shit. Known to be an internet nightmare. Turned out he gave a shit or someone did. He received his master wizard on July 9th, 2013.

Affiliated Groups

Veles Harbour

Harbour of Rhye

The Spetsnaz

Zodiac Pirate Crew

Jorc 2.0 Forever Infinity Unleashed: Live on Broadway

The Ravens

Belted Line


Notable accomplishments

Granted the Title of Esquire by King Sir Firespitter

Former Master Wizard - Given by King Marcus, Kingdom of Crystal Groves, July 2013

The Hero Gotham Deserves - Given by Lord Squire Redav, Regent of Crystal Groves, July 2013