Gargoyle's Gate

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Amtgard Chapter
Gargoyle's Gate
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Status Barony
City Hampton
Park Briarfield Park
Meets on
Founded 2012
Active Defunct

A Defunct Barony under Crystal Groves, located in Hampton, Virginia.

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"The past does not matter to the judges, just a new start. All are welcome, so enjoy the journey."

We have a good mix of Class, Ditching, and militia games, which are accompanied by excellent Color-class players and artisans always willing to share their craft with someone interested. On an average day we warm up with ditching, then quickly move to the main event of the day, whether it be a quest, big class game, militia game, company battles or our favorite Boat Battles. After the main event we play games like No Quarter!'s Kick the Can or Three Man Forever.

Come out and visit us! You are sure to have a good time!


Gargoyle's Gate was originally founded in 2002 under the Kingdom of Goldenvale. The chapter went defunct in 2003. The chapter was reformed in 2012 under the Kingdom of the Crystal Groves.

Gargoyle's Gate meets at Briarfield Park in Hampton, VA on Saturdays from 12pm to dusk. The chapter had been defunct for almost 10 years when it was revived by (to name a few) Lord Redav, Antonius, Lady Ogoolo, Lord Ray, Gidget, and Ezekiel. They played at Hampton and in spring 2013 they moved to Yorktown.

In the fall of 2013 Gargoyles Gate was temporarily deactivated. It was taken over and again restarted in winter 2013 and moved back to Hampton, VA.

As of late 2018, Gargoyle's Gate and Helstrom's Hollow have merged to form Hel's Gate. The park of Gargoyle's Gate is defunct in name.


Baroness - Aster Imperatora

Regent -

Champion - Arkadas

PM - Lord Kenshin



Darkwater (Company)
The Carnival

Contacts and Directions

Gargoyle's Gate meets at Briarfield Park 1503 Briarfield Rd Hampton, VA 23666. Saturday is normal park day and starts at 12pm, show up early for interval training at 11am. Wednesday is fighter practice day and starts at 4pm.


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