Ivey Rose

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Countess Squire Ivey Rose Stormblade MacLeod, Phoenix Tears, in the Kingdom of the Tal Dagore


Ivey joined Amtgard after Marrying Cormac in March, 2001, and moving back to the Celestial Kingdom. There she was Page to Bryanna then took a Squire belt under Sir Azkar, while playing at Traitor's Gate and Mystic Springs. In 2003, Ivey and Cormac moved to Illinois, where they eventually became active at Phoenix Tears where she served a term as regent and Duchess.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Man at arms- Nike of Phoenix Tears Man at arms- Jamar of Phoenix Tears Lady In waiting - Ebby of Westerngate Page- Demon of Phoenix Tears Page- Viper Moonshade of Madox Keep

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