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Ze French are based in Neverwinter.

Originally a fighting company, they voted to kind of morph into something closer to a Household (they say "fellowship") because they no longer fought as a unit, and several members were joining companies.

Founded by several members of Silverwater in (1998?) on a trip to the Gathering of the Clans. Members take french names in addition to their standard names. Their initiates are known as Jacques with "a little j" (and have no french name). Though started in Silverwater, the company is almost exclusively based in Darkwater East now known as Kestrel Keep today. Their colors are Red and Black, their device is an inverted fleur de lis.

Their seldom seen leader is Jacques le Nebuloso

disclaimer - this may be inaccurate

Members include: French name in italics

jacques - no french name yet, failure as a jacques results ion the lose of a letter of the beginning of the person name.

Inactive people (who are still members more or less):

Former members include:

  • Liam Fitzdonal
  • Leanna Waterstrider
  • Everette of Lochmarne

Auxilliarys At one time the Evil French had a couple auxilliary divisions including:

  • The French Toast (Special group of younger players)
  • The Tater Tots (Special group of people too young to play but French enough for inclusion)
  • The Not-so Neutral Swiss
  • The Naughty Germans
  • The Happy Belgians
  • The Moostards (a spoof of the Blue Moose)
  • Evil_French_Canadians
  • The French Foreign Legion (a pick up team lead by a French Captain, but all dressed in Evil French outfits)
  • The Dirty Irish Who are not actually related to the Evil French but are an Evil French Spoof.

All of which were never really considered part of the group. However, in recent years another group has emerged, the Evil_French_Canadians which was founded independently but then had some members added to the Evil French. However, the EFC is always threatening to leave (just like Quebec).

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