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Seoman Bishop
Home Park Silverwater
Kingdom Neverwinter
Year Started 1995
Noble Title Lord
Belt Status {{{belt}}}

Lord Seoman Bishop, of Silverwater Neverwinter

”That was fat...” - explaining why he did not take a shot from Tosc in a tournament...


First started playing in the mid-90s, Bishop served terms as Champion and Regent of Silverwater. Was one of the founding members of the Evil French.

Married to Keena Ferrel.

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

  • At one time had more Orders of the Warrior than anyone else in Florida, but has not been competitive since the late 90s.
  • Responsible for most of the rules meant to prevent abuse in Darkwater East.
  • So abused the Unicorn monster that it was banned for a long time in Florida. Brought a plate-mail armored warrior to tears with his abuse of the Teleport ability of Unicorns.
  • Originally changed his name regularly until, at Clan in 1997, was told he could not call himself by his Nom du Jour, "Bishop", as there was already another Bishop. He immediately decided to keep it.

Additional Images

In a silverwater melee (the wizard holding a fireball over his head).

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