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Sir Akira Kitimatsu, of Silverwater Neverwinter

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Neverwinter Knight of the Flame, originally from Silverwater later moved to Darkwater East before retiring and moving to Ohio. Knighted flame by Ahira of the Burning Lands in January 1999. He had a certain grace in most things he did, noted artisan, cook, combatant. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who knew him that had a bad thing to say about him.

Also known as Akira Kitimatsu, which for his persona was his actual name, with "Tonbo" being the nickname of that character. Most people know him in Amtgard as "Tonbo", but the other appears on documents such as Awards. His name is Japanese for "Dragonfly", and his device is a white dragonfly on a blue field.

Other Items of note


  • Unlike many fighters who are simply good enough to get away with using their offhand, Tonbo was truly ambidexterous, in combat or in just about anything.


  • At Neverwinter Coronation in 2001, he had one of his eardrums ruptured when hit on the ear by a new player. Was taken for treatment and returned to the event.
  • Sometime around 2004 threw both his shoulders out which prevents him from fighting, and is inactive.


Created the original Silverwater Device. He also created the kingdom road signs with reflectors that were used for many years.

Affiliated Groups

Tonbo is a founding member of the Evil French (shown here in EF garb with EF Banner).


Belted Family

Squire: Kaitrin Blackburn, whom he later married.

Notable Accomplishments

Was the first King of Neverwinter. Served one term as the Champion of Neverwinter, notable for being the only person not from Falling Fire to win it for a long time period.

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