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Wormlord Squire Elm Extollere, Esquire, of Felfrost, Goldenvale.

”But before his last breath, Elm did strike true,
Soulspike hit home, a fate long overdue.
The warriors made short work of Ghur's now mortal husk,
but there would be no celebration that day at dusk.” - From "The Legend of Ghur" (a.k.a. Elm's Lullaby)



One of the four original members of Twilight Peak (while it was still Winds of Mor Tur), Elm took the position of Champion and has retained it from May of 2005 until running for two consecutive terms as Sheriff from late 2007 to 2008. He has been a driving force in bringing new blood to the shire, and furthuring RP, garbing, and stick-jockery, all at equal levels.

At the event Moonshine 2006 Elm was given a Man-at-Arms belt from his friend, Baronet Sir Nathanial Goldenleaf.

On October 19th, 2008, Elm acknowledged Nathanial's superiority and accepted from him a Squire belt.

Affiliated Groups

Fighting Company:


Belted Family

Formerly in battle-to-the-death with MaA brother Ce'dar for that future Red Belt; Ce'dar beat him to it but was knighted himself the next day.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Defeated Tato for the Wormlord Title at the First International Wormlord Fight, Caradoc Hold Yule 2015



  • Order of the Quest Monkey - for outstanding work (and long hours) as an NPC during Great Eastern 2006
  • Master Scout, given by King Sir Akrith, October 2011
  • Double Master Scout, given by Prince Cy, August 2012
  • Triple Master Scout, given by Prince Ducryus, September 2012

Master Scout

Additional Images

BotD Company Battle 2006 Group Shot - left to right: Elm, Dracious, Ursus, Calin, Tristan, Ray VonWolf (not in company), Ardra (not in company)
BotD Company Battle 2006 Solo Shot

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