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Stick Jock (Stik Jok) n. -

  • 1. One who likes the fighting aspects of Amtgard and dislikes/ignores/attempts to undermine the role playing aspect.
  • 2. The guy who just stroked you.

See Ditch. Never sees Dungeon Crawl.

note: can be feminized to "Stick Chick", or "Stick Jane"

The Stick Jock in LARP Culture

Stick Jocks; if you ask one who actually calls him or herself that, will tell you that they are there for the fighting and nothing else, the antithesis of 'those dorky' Flurbs. This is first of all patently false. A stick Jock is just a gamer in a gruff exterior; and any who claim other wise are trying to sell you something or are running for office.

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