Society of the Squid

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Devout followers of the Zantul lineage, a Calamarin family with a taste for power, members of the society have been thoroughly brainwashed and spend countless hours working to forward one of their master's diabolical plots.

Out of character, the society is a friendly HOUSEHOLD formed around the idea that there's a little squiddly in all of us. We take pride in our secret handshake and are always looking for ways to throw a squiddly joke or two into the mix.

This is a rather prestigeous group and there are only two ways you can join: pledge a character to eternal servitude under a Zantul, or have them do it for you.


  • Zantual Linage (Name) - One of the 6 members of the Zantual family of Calimarins.
  • Fanatic = A willing follower of a Zantul.
  • Cultist = A 'converted' follower of a Zantul. Cultists are the results of a Zantul completely dominating a weak-willed individual's mind.
  • Touched = has been possessed by a Zantul but has chosen not to join the society in character.


The original 'Squiddly' of the society, Yxvanzantul, was created by Paul Grylls for small relic quest he ran one fateful spring day in the year 2006. Little did he know that his small-time Calimarin would soon become a legend, a villain who's name would echo throughout time.

Dubbed "Squiddly Man" by those who failed to remember his name (or how to pronounce it), Yxvanzantul quickly aquired his own secret handshake. (It's secret so that's all I can tell you about it). The stories spread, the jokes were told and the handshake rippled through amtgard. Followers and well-wishers of the Squiddly Man soon found themselves under one banner: The Society of the Squid.

Over time, an entire family of "Squiddly Men" (and woman!) was formed with the intent to spread the Squiddly way. Each member of this new family, the Zantul family, was given a name, powers, and an enriched backstory that would surely promote some interesting role play.

What's next for the SoS? We'll just have to wait and see!


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