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Baronet Sir Drenth Stonewall of Crimson Wood, Westmarch

Drenth receiving some knighting gifts


Drenth started playing in 2007. He currently resides at the Duchy of Crimson Wood.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Kale BroadHammer - Squire
Mogis of Crimson Wood - Man At Arms
Mal of Crimson Wood - Page

Notable accomplishments

Lord given by Baron Sir Keluric Tryst, Prince of Westmarch November 2009
Baronet given by Baron Squire Collin the Red, King of Westmarch August 2018
Master Rose given by Dame Elspeth, Queen of Westmarch October 2019
Knight of the Flame given by Porkins, King of Westmarch Feb 27, 2022.
Created a guide on how to Autocrat an event found here


Additional Images

Drenth's Heraldry

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