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The Kingdom of the Burning Lands

Heradlry for the Kingdom of the Burning Lands by Gwyne

The Kingdom of the Burning Lands was the original Amtgard Chapter, founded in 1983 in El Paso, TX.



The chapter proper plays at Memorial Park.


This is where it all began, in 1983. Peter La Grue ran an ad in the local newspaper for "Attila The Hun's Birthday Bash ", a few people showed up from a local science fiction club including Tawnee Darkfalcon who later won the 1st Crown tournament to become the first Monarch. This chapter official took it's name as the Burning Lands on October 1st 1983.

Current Monarchy

  • Monarch- Sir Manthax
  • Regent- Baroness Squire Sylvi
  • PM- Baroness Squire Casio Carpathian
  • Champion- Lord Squire Cato Dragonsbeard
  • GMR- Sir Raven Bex
  • Rules Rep- Baron Squire Ragnarok Gunnolf
  • BoD President- Baroness Squire Casio Carpathian - bod-pres@amtgardinc.com
  • CoM Senator - Baron Squire Ragnarok
  • GMK- Sir Manthax


Stay tuned


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Players usually park in circle near a large porta-potty on Grant St. Amtgard is usually conducted between two stone bridges, which can be seen from the parking circle/top of a grassy knoll.


Additional information may be found by visiting Kingdom of the Burning Lands-The First Kingdom on Facebook.com Information there is accessible by selecting files and searching (ex:file search-Corpora)

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