Zumat Villainous

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Sir Zumat Villainous, of the Duchy of the Iron Mountains

A.K.A Mao Z Dong

”I think they stole my lightsaber” -Zumat

"I have a CAPE!!!" - Zumat

The sign says 'Belagarth owns Zumat', but really what doesn't.


Zumat is heavily featured in the #3 Rakis promo teaser for 2007. And the Rakis comics and videos of 2010

Brothered to Eggman

Affiliated Groups

Member of The Cobra Kai

Belted Family

Zumat's squires are Headshot and Apoch.

Zumat was Thor Tandræbe's Squire who was squire to Sir Wolfram Bloodletter, who was squire to Aramithris who was squire to Nashomi who was squire to Tawnee.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Knight of the Sword Knighted at Rakis 2009
  • The best known prank of Zumat, known for capturing ninjas, was from Rakis 2005 where he and a few compatriots turned Arthon into a ninja in front of court. At Rakis 2007, the ninjas and Arthon received their revenge by capturing Zumat. Many, however, view the incident as Zumat's largest recorded ninja capture to date.
  • IMD monarch from Jan '07 to July '07.
  • Emperor of the Iron Mountains from Jan '08 to June '08.

Additional Images

Hungry Zumat

This Amtcard By Grendel

Zumat and Everlast capturing many ninjas and banditos single-handedly

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