Thea of the Marshes

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Lady Squire Thea of the Marshes, of Madoc's Keep, Kingdom of the Rising Winds

"Ok, fine, you're both good at fighting and a delicate flower." - Sicarius

"She just keeps pointing at me and glaring."



Thea saw Amtgarders in a park one day in 1999 and was told she was too young to play. So she went home and made her own weapons out of pool noodles, pvc, and duct tape. Then she would beat up her older brother with the dangerous old tech monstrosities. After a couple years of that she found Lochlan (later Hawk's Point) and began to hit even more people with old tech monstrosities. She eventually convinced Barthalamule to start a park with her, the Carrion Marshes.

Thea has played in Neverwinter, Winter's Edge, and the Rising Winds.

She relocated to Madoc's Keep in late 2014.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Roleplay Coordinator for the Kingdom of the Rising Winds October 2017 - Current
  • Duchess of Madoc's Keep September 2017 - Current
  • Regional Roleplay Coordinator, Grand Duchy of Ebonmarch, for Kingdom of the Rising Winds March 2017 - October 2017
  • Sector Roleplay Coordinator, Southern Region, for the Kingdom of the Rising Winds January 2017 - March 2017
  • Duchess Protem of Madoc's Keep October 2016 - March 2017
  • Regent of Madoc's Keep September 2016 - October 2016
  • Duchess of Madoc's Keep April 2016 - September 2016
  • Founded Shire of the Carrion Marshes outside of Athens, GA - Spring 2004

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