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Duchy of Tirana (defunct)

a defunct chapter of the Celestial Kingdom, located in south Austin, Texas.




Tirana was founded Carnelian with Thax and a neighbor in the spring on 1992. He was shortly joined by Thistlevy, and many others bringing themselves to the level of barony before being recognized in Amtgard. They took the recommendation of Shadow Hawk and waited until the passing of the stormy reign of Arioch to join the Celestial Kingdom under rule of King Rufus Grimwulff. It grew to a duchy at its strongest period by 1995. Within that time Tirana experimented with new monsters, classes, a monetary system in which they minted their own coinage, and continuing plots and quests.

In 1996 Two young boys, each under 14 who lived in the neighborhood asked to play. After consulting their parents, Baron Thax approved of their participation as monarch as per Corpora law. Word passed to King Zephram, who demanded that Tirana cease allowing the children to participate. Tirana refused. Kaderian, a member of Tirana, entered a proposal into Althing to either 1:deny the children from participating or 2:break from Amtgard as a group. Tirana chose to stay with Amtgard and Thax left along with many of company Dragavon.

The loss of population and leadership resulting from the occurrence caused a low decline in Tirana. In time the park was moved to a new location closer to the majority of remaining players, but eventually the chapter crumbled before 1999.


CourtofTirana.jpg High table at the court of Tirana, Spring of 1993 From left: Rufus Grimwulf, Fnord Farthing III, Kendra, Francesca, Thax, Tinuviel, Thistlevy, Valeri, Carnelian

It was said that Tirana had a nearby opposing territory called the Kingdom of Bonte' that they were in constant military conflict with. This held until greater dangers overwhelmed Bonte' and threatened Tirana. This new threat was described as a 'dark lands', a creeping bleakness that crept across the land like a great shadow. The edge of this territory was called the 'shadowed lands' as it slowly was drained of life and color from the forests and grasslands. Water became tainted, and animals would become much more hostile, as well as greatly increasing in size, or gaining other unholy features. As the dark lands advanced, lycanthropes and creatures of the undead became a more common threat and would often murder lone wanderers in the woods...

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