Talon the Discerning

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Talon the Discerning, of Clockwork Spires, Kingdom of Westmarch (he/him)

”Dark jokes are like food, not everyone gets it.”



As a new, excited player, he dove right into the details, operations, and politics of Amtgard. He took office as local Regent long enough to be the Autocrat for the inaugural Clockwork Spires Winter Showcase, working closely with the Monarch Neht Moon-and-Star to catch up on the backlog of well-deserved award recommendations. Mission accomplished, he was then elected as local Prime Minister instead. He also immersed himself at the Kingdom level, joining the Westmarch BoD as Liaison in 2024, and working with Lord Paragon Sebastion to draft a new Kingdom Corpora.

Affiliated Groups

Joined Clockwork Spires of Westmarch in June 2023.

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