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Sebastion, of Belial Peaks, Kingdom of Westmarch

AKA: Lord Paragon Champion General Sebastion, the Bastion, the Man With a Red Chin and Ego, Lord of Defense, and Leader of Militia!, the sacrificial goat of the Azure Hunt, Sometimes Called Frank*.


Sebastion joined Amtgard on the date of July 4th, 2009, at just past 7:00pm, during the local Polycon.

In 2011 Sebastion retreated deep into the northern wastes where he was sequestered in study for many years

Sebastion reemerged at Valley of the Fallen in late 2018.

Hearing tale of a powerful group of Wizards located somewhere in the Northern Lands Sebastion went searching for knowledge only to end up at Belial Peaks

Affiliated Groups

Household Militia!

Household Azure Hunt

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*Note: Sebastion's real name is not Frank.