Sky Harbor

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Sky Harbor, Shire

A Shire of the Kingdom of the Rising Winds located in New Albany, Indiana




Founded on July 8th, 2011 as an offshoot of Madoc's Keep for players from southern Indiana who couldn't drive down to MK for meets.

We're an active group meeting in Sam Peden Community Park, every Sunday from 1PM on; and at Lapping Park in Clarksville, IN on Thursdays from 11AM on. Pushing barony numbers as of April 2012.

Notable Events

On April 29th, 2012, the Duchy of Madoc's Keep under the rule of Tyrant Asche raided the Shire of Sky Harbor. Warriors from all across the Kingdom of the Rising Winds came to defend the Shire, along with many new members from a local college gaming group. Together they were able to fend off the Raid of 2012, and the Shire has not been the same since. Ice Cream is still considered worth its weight in gold.


  • November 2011: WM: Solve
  • June 2012: DM: Robyn WM: Bino
  • November 2012: DM: Daedera WM: Simi Dragoneye
  • June 2013: DM: Azerial WM: Corvus Steeltail
  • November 2013: DM: Peter Pan WM: Lucid
  • June 2014: DM: Peter Pan WM: Eagleeyez
  • November 2014: DM:Daedera WM: Sage


  • September 2011 Twilight
  • March 2012 Twilight
  • September 2012: Kyto Nichiro
  • March 2013: Daedera
  • September 2013: Peter Pan
  • March 2014: Daedera
  • September 2014:Redrick




Contacts and Directions

Sam Peden Community Park - 3037 Grant Line Rd, New Albany, IN

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The Sign in front of the park says "New Albany - Floyd County Community Park", but for GPS purposes the park is called Sam Peden Community Park. Our exact location in the park varies, just drive along the one road in the park and look for foam fighters. If you reach shelter four and can't find us, walk past shelter four and look in the fields past it. We should be around there somewhere if it's our normal meeting day. Since the shelters get rented by mundanes quite often, we meet wherever is available.

Daedera - (812) 786-1297 (Call/Text)

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