Siegeweapon Saints

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Siegeweapon Saints

”That's not a weapon...Now This is a WEAPON!”



A household, based out of Wyldewind Bridge, that is dedicated to the research and design, as well as the build and fielding of legal and safe siegeweapons for the Amtgard field. We spend and extensive amount of time digging for information, building and testing for safety. Our goal is to see safe siegeweapons in every park in Amtgard.

We believe that the siegeweapon rules are lacking in our game and have submitted an addendum to our kingdom hoping that it will find it's way to the proper hands.

Currently our ballista are shelved due to an ammunition problem. The small problem of 11 staples being placed in the House Lord's head because one of our bolts "cored out". He was later heard to say "Thank God it was in my back yard and not on the field!" and "Better a Saint than anyone else."


We span multiple parks in 4 states.

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