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Count Covus Stronghand Helstaven, of Wyldewind Bridge, Kingdom of Rivermoor

”Is Covus gunna have to shiv a bitch?"



Covus started playing Amtgard in Olympus. On his first day, he had a run in with Kupe, and he swore never to come out again. However, at much behest from his friends, he began again. Within two months, took the Champion position, and followed with two solid reigns as Duke of Olympus. He has been instrumental in the population growth of Olympus since he first became a Champion at Olympus.

In May 2013 Covus and five others founded the freehold of Wyldewind Bridge in Iowa City, Iowa and was the first monarch of this new park. Covus is currently working to grow and maintain Wyldewind Bridge.

Affiliated Groups

Revenant Company - Lord Marshall Beginning 9/4/2014
Lord of House Siegeweapon Saints
House Emberlight

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Received Noble Title of Count in May 2010.
  • Recieved Noble Title of Baron in October 2007.
  • First Elected Duke of Olympus.
  • Received the title "Guardian of Olympus" April 2008.
  • Former Prince of the Principality of Olympus
  • Recognized as Master Barbarian in September 2008.
  • Proudly carries the title and name Stronghand since May 2010.

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More Information

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  • Company Website

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