Lore (V7)

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One of the Bardic spells.

Spell Type

Control magic, verbal (20 ft.), Bard (V7) Lvl. 4


State "Lore," followed by a short poem (20 words or more), and ending with "Lore."


The caster and target are removed from the game. The caster then may ask the victim a 'yes' or 'no' question, which must be answered truthfully. The caster may continue asking questions until he receives a 'no' answer--in which case, the spell ends. If the target does not know the answer of the question, he may state so, but it does not end the spell. The reeves might give the bard additional information to further define the Lore spell. (Very useful in Quests and special scenarios).


The questioning has a maximum time count of 100. The caster and target may not attack each other during the duration of the spell and for a 100 count after its completion.


Neither the caster nor the victim may move about while the questions are being asked.


The wording of this spell is vague in that it does not specify where/how caster and target are to return to the game after being removed from it, nor if they are merely considered "out of game" for game effects but remain in the same place, or are physically removed to another locale before beginning the spell's effects. Its after-effects make it a sort of "mini-Awe (V7)."