Yield (V7)

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Yield (S, Control)


Repeat x3 "Yield thy arms and resist no longer, come unto me and be my captive."


50 ft.


Victim lowers weapons and surrenders to the caster, moving in a straight line at a brisk walk - until at the caster's side - where they then begin a 300 count. During this spell they stay by the casters side and cannot fight, cast magic, or use abilities. The caster may free the victim at any time for any reason. If they are not killed before the skill ends, they must return to their base, and are then able to act freely. May not be physically restrained to prevent the player from returning to base or going to the caster. If the caster dies the player remains near the body until their count expires.


Other magic may still affect the victim during the duration of Yield.

Who gets it?

A 5th level Bard (V7), 3rd level Healer (V7), and 3rd level Wizard (V7) spell.

Monster who can make you 'Yield'