Rook Hightower

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Lord Rook Hightower of The Ephemeral Light, Defender of Marcustar, Edonia's Descendant, and Paragon Healer, of Granite Spyre, Kingdom of the Wetlands

"He manages to straddle the line between Grind and Flurb pretty darned well." - Countess Sir Denah hap Tugruk

"Kill. Rez. Repeat" - Lord Rook Hightower Rook Castlemania Great Sword.jpeg


Joined Raven's Hollow in October 2016, and served as park Champion during Hutch Half-foot's reign. Moved to Granite Spyre in August 2017 and served as Baron during Reign XLIV. Is currently studying magic and perfomance under Mishka Thundervoice, and Rogue theory with the Rogues under Sir TERMUS.

Affiliated Groups

Rogues: RIT under TERMUS (October 2017)

House Draconis: Member (March 2017)

Jonah MacNiel: Healer Apprentice (January 2017- December 2017)

Belted Family

Sir Lord Covenant of the Scarred Heart

Notable Accomplishments

- Paragon Healer of the Wetlands given at Endreign XLIII

- Wetlands Guild Master of Healers (Reign XLIII-XLIV).

- Won the Most Improved Male Fighter, and Most Improved Newbie Soggy Awards at Endreign XLIII.

- Highest scoring Dragon entry with Mishka Thundervoice in the WL Dragon Master XLII for performing a duo magic show called Sleightly Mental.

- Won first place in the 5 and under A&S Tournament at WL Endreign XLII by performing Mentalism and Money.

- Won 2nd place in the 1st Bardic Bash Drag Show 2017.

- Recieved the Flail of Saint Cuthbert from Glen Mallet of Providence for roleplay during WL Relic Quest XLII.

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