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Yuppy Paragon Peasant Plus Sir Mishka Thundervoice Of the Brown Pants the Ballista, Troubadour Extraordinaire, Tamer of That One Dragon That Attacked, Extreme Pacifist, Master Jester, Master Dragon, and Appointed Big Damned Hero of Raven's Hollow, Kingdom of the Wetlands

Here's Mishka. Mishka doesn't care that he can't play Paladin, yet. Mishka is havin' fun. Be like Mishka. -Sir Sebastian_Du_Lac

”He just Aragorned the backline clogging the gatehouse and wall, Helm's Deep style!. - Val, on Mishka hopping a castle wall to attack a flank

FlipMishka.jpg Photo credit to Marcella Cook. Meme'd by Sir Sebastian_Du_Lac


RP: Mishka grew up in a monastery, and simply couldn't stand it there. He'd constantly sneak out, go to the taverns, and cause all kinds of chaos and mischief. When he was old enough, he took it upon himself to go in a "general that way direction" because he had nothing better to do. As he wandered around, he picked up stories and songs from the travelling minstrels he came across, and found a love for bow making. One day he woke up drunk on the outskirts of a growing town called "Ironwood". He figured it was as good a place as any, and decided to live there. He could often be seen screwing something up here or there in the outskirts of Ironwood, because even he knew it'd be a disaster to go into town! He burnt his hut down four separate times through the mixing up of spells, and is currently residing at Raven's Hollow.

Mundane: Mishka started playing in 2009 when Kentigern S'rendi would come to a local park to show him and his friends how to hit each other with foam weapons. He never got any credits or went to official parks because he didn't know it all existed. After a four year absence where he completely forgot about the game, Mishka came back to Ironwood looking for a place to nerd out. He enjoys entertaining the people at park and keeping everything light hearted.

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Belted Family

Sir Lord Covenant of the Scarred Heart

   Sir Mishka Thundervoice
       Squire Stormcrow Giggleshadows
       Sir Singalia
       Squire Rook_Hightower
           Page Grim_Lycanborn Thundervoice

Notable Accomplishments and Related Foolery

  • Voted the Flurbiest Player in all of Amtgard in 2014, along with Lord Hagar Silverdragon (tied for first place). By the time the last vote was in, the two of them individually had nearly as many votes as every other competitor put together.
  • R.A. Salvatore himself (Author of the Drizzt Do'Urden books) praised Mishka's bow making skills personally. Ya. Seriously.
  • He was the first Bard in the Wetlands granted Paragon under V8 rules. He received it the day he hit fifth level.
  • He can take twenty on acrobatics checks.
  • Has been performing magic for nineteen years, alongside mentalism and hypnosis.
  • Was awarded his Master Dragon on December 2, 2017.
  • Was awarded his tenth Dragon on June 2, 2018. Yes, exactly six months after his Masterhood.
  • Knighted as a Serpent Knight on September 14, 2019
  • Was the last man standing in a huge zombie vs. humans game. He only won because he climbed up a tree and hid for the entire game.
  • Is the reason why Ironwood has a "No flipping or tumbling on the battlefield" policy.
  • Is the only one who routinely disobeys above policy.
  • Once used the incantation "The power of iceball is mine to Force Bolt!". He took a death after that.
  • When he was told that the grass field was water terrain, he started swimming across the field. He got killed by a Rogue Sharknado, but kept trying anyway.
  • Once made it nearly entirely through an enemy line during a battlegame before anybody realized he didn't have a weapon, himself included. He found out when he squared off against a monk and wondered why his sword wasn't in his hand.
  • Jester to the Royal Court of The Wetlands, four terms in a row so far. One of those reigns it was even official.
  • Was born with a natural 18 Charisma score.
  • Although often confused for a human, Mishka is actually a Dire Halfling. Shutup. It's a thing.
  • Almost entered a Weapon Master.
  • Has an alignment of Chaotic Stupid
  • In a single battlegame, had his two swords, shield, and bow destroyed by archers in one life.
  • Left without weapons, he caught a javelin mid flight, flipped it around, and threw it back at the aggressor, hissing like a lizard the whole time.
  • At Wetlands Reign XL Coronation, Mishka walked calmly through a battle of two teams hostile to him with his hands up, grabbed a game objective, and calmly walked right back through the middle of the fighting without being hit once. Pacifism, yo!
  • Has officially been given the title "Big Damned Hero" by Pope O'Banion
  • Is officially a Lord, but identifies as "Yuppy Peasant Plus". Take that as you will.
  • Voted Nicest Male in The Kingdom of the Wetlands in 2015
  • Voted Best Hero in The Kingdom of the Wetlands in 2015 (Although he's still fairly certain that's all in jest...like Chuck Norris jokes, or the points in Whose Line Is It)
  • Voted Nicest Male in the Kingdom of the Wetlands in 2016
  • Voted Best Hero in the Kingdom of the Wetlands in 2016 (This joke has gone on long enough, Wetlands...)
  • Nominated Nicest Male in the Kingdom of the Wetlands in 2017
  • Is a ballista.
  • Rarely carries a weapon into battlegames. He claims it's because he's a pacifist.
  • Wears different headgear to denote what class he's playing. His signature headgear is his flowery bard hat.
  • Plays Doo-Dad in place of Druid.
  • Started the Great Chilli Debate of 2016, in which Amtgard members argued about the validity of beans in chilli. It garnered over 200 comments in a week. Surprisingly, it was civil throughout the entire discussion!
  • Has two 4th Orders of the Mask. He got his fifth as well, but he still has two 4th Orders.
  • Plays an amazing "Scared Princess". Yes, I'm serious.
  • Has a personal goal to prove that Sir Sebastian_Du_Lac is a nice guy, despite all of Sir Bas's protests and claims to the contrary.
  • Once served as the Wetland's Guild Master of Peasants.
  • Awarded Paragon Peasant December 2, 2017
  • Not nearly as awesome as Fayne!
  • Started a peasant rebellion on accident during Wetlands Reign 43. He's not sure how it happened, but it happened, and it happened big.
  • Awarded his "Master Jester" October 28, 2017 by Sir Harold Greyseer.

Flip mishka jug.jpg
Mishka flipping over the goal while jugging. He missed with the dog skull. Photo credit to Images by D'Arcy.

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