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Satori, of Silverwater Neverwinter

”Damn Straight!” - in response to opponent's query on whether he would return to kill them if he were let go from a trap.



When Silverwater first started, the group was basically six people (Roger, Flotsam, Tigger deCat, and two others who did not last. Satori was in a large D&D group that Roger and Flotsam were in, and he was sent to "check out" amtgard. When he returned with a positive report, most of the group came out, and he also recruited some of his childhood buddies including Quillian Rhys and Loyal Jones.

He immediately embraced the Monk class, becoming the first person to play that in Silverwater. He was known for a series of attempts at creative polearms, which reached its peak when he made Fish, a poleaxe whose head was so heavy he attempted to reinforce its PVC shaft with some copper tubing. Aside from this though the foam he used for the head was so soft that though banned, the weapon quickly became popular as a pillow cushion to use in Nirvana.

He was one of the founders of the Order of the Four Winds, one of the first fighting companies in Silverwater.

He eventually drifted away from the game around 1998, then returned around 2001 and was active for a couple more years.

Satori passed away on August 17, 2009, from complications stemming from what was probably swine flu. He was 40.

Affiliated Groups

Order of the Four Winds (Silverwater)

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • First Monk in Silverwater
  • Created Fish

Additional Images

In the only amtgard pic of Satori I can find, he is second from right, with one foot in the air as he dodges something.

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