SKBC 2007

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Sword Knight Boot Camp 5, Cedar Rapids

"Ditch-field of Dreams"


Camp Hitaga, north of Cedar Rapids, IA. At the center of the Principality of The Rosetta Pact, member of the Iron Mountains


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Player Quotes

None one site. The quotes below are from E-sam later.


"I'm highly dissappointed in this year's SKBC. Though I did not attend, there is no controversy surrounding the event. What am I to entertain myself with here on this forum? The kudos going out to instructors for a job well done? Puh-lease.

I demand ketchup, corruption, and salacious tales of underage ass."-


"I was very happy with SKBC this year. Wanted to thank (again) all the people who helped out - Yoto, the kitchen crew, the folks who worked the gate collecting money, and of course all the instructors who helped make SKBC one of the most fun events of the year. I also appreciated all the students showing up - the new ones and the Faithful. I think most people had a great time and fortunately (sorry, Muerte) there was no drama."

I will say that while flying in and seeing the ground covered in snow with arctic winds blowing over the plains, my first thoughts were not optimistic. Indeed, my first thoughts were not even printable in most respected newspapers or journals. However, myself and two gentlemen started the ditch on Thursday night. Soon, others joined in and I quickly warmed up.

The ditching continued, then the classes, then some more ditching and more classes. By the time I got home on Sunday evening, I went to sleep and did not wake up for 12 hours. It was worth it. Before, I had been sketchy about going back to SKBC, but this last weekend, though tiring, did much to revitalize my enthusiasm for the event.

The good and the bad? Well, the worst was when I elbowed Ice in the eye. Felt bad about that, but can't let someone who does the double-spin better than me continue to function. Seriously, though, I really am sorry it happened. The best was seeing everyone's enthusiasm while ditching. Made me hope that these folks would travel to other places where I can also kick their butts.

Finally, Beefy, Dalos and I created a new spin shot. Dalos says it has no name and was trying to convince me to name it some six digit number, but it does have a name. It was named in honor of one of its co-creators because the name seemed so fitting - 'The Beefy'. Once you hit someone with it, you can use the name in all kinds of creative smak.

Once again, thanks to all those who showed up and hopefully I'll see you all again soon.