Rising winds-Iron Mountains War

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Rising Winds-Iron Mountains War

The Rising Winds- Iron Mountains war is a protracted war being fought between the Iron Mountains and the Kingdom of the Rising Winds.

The outbreak

On November 5th, 2006 Emperor Owl Bonesteel of the Rising Winds issued a declaration of war against the Empire in response to the territorial expansion of the Rosetta Pact as well as an alleged kidnapping attempt against the crown. Because of the sheer geographic size of the two kingdoms, most of the fighting has been carried out by the Empire's eastern principality, the Frostlands, as well as various other chapters near the border of the two Kingdoms. Over time, although no formal peace treaty was signed, distance as a result of changing geography in the midwest has put an end to the war by 2015.

Recoded battles

in chronological order

Imperial Forces Imperial Commander Rising winds Forces Rising Winds Commander Outcome Notes
First battle of Frostlands: April 1, 2007 Rosetta Pact,
Crimson Circle
Prince Jalea Strongbow Frostlands Duke Dart Imperial Victory This battle was notable for the use of the Raider Wall of doom by Crimson circle.
Battle of North Haven
May 19, 2007
Rosetta Pact Prince Jalea Strongbow Frostlands Duke Dart Imperial Victory
Second Battle of Frostlands
July 1, 2007
North Haven, Crimson Circle unknown Frostlands Duke Dart Rising Winds victory
Battle at Gathering of Shadows X:
July 4, 2007
Rosetta Pact Prince Jalea Strongbow Rising Winds unknown Rising winds victory The coronation of Princess Savaen occurred just 6 hours after the defeat of Jalea
Massacre of Mists of the Dawn:
September 13, 2008
Starmount Sir Garik Hawkana, Mists of the Dawn none Populous of Mists of the Dawn massacred. In response to the scheduled raid by frostlands, Prince Skrag of the newly formed Principality of Olympus dispatched a taskforce to defend the freehold. When only a single Frostlander showed up, the taskforce comprised solely of Starmounticons turned on the locals.
First battle of Darkshores:
November 22, 2008
Principality of Olympus Prince Skrag Frostlands, Mithril Forest Ursa Rominov? Rising Winds victory
2nd battle of Darkshores: October 17, 2009 Principality of Olympus Prince Aries Silvertree Frostlands, Mists of the Dawn, Ice Haven, Mithril Forest Duke Fletcher Rising Winds Victory IM Won Militia, RW won full class battle.
Defence of Ice Haven:
April 10, 2011
Principality of Olympus, Ice Haven, Crimson Circle Prince Sir Garik Morden Frostlands Agustus, Warcheif of the Frostlands Imperial Victory This battle was one of the largest Amtgard events in Wisconsin to date, drawing over 100 players.
Third battle of Frostlands:
October 23, 2011
Principality of Olympus, Crimson Circle, Ice Haven Prince Broton Locksalt Frostlands Duke Balidar Draw Imperial forces had a higher kill to death ratio and suffered no Shatterings.
Third battle of Darkshores:
May 6, 2012
Principality of Polaris, Raven's Nest Prince Broton Locksalt Frostlands, Crimson Circle King Agustus Imperial Victory This battle saw the deployment of an Orbital bombardment by Sir.Raphael
Battle of Olympus:
February 10, 2013
Olympus Duke Bromos Alestone Principality of Polaris Prince Sir Raphael Rising Winds Victory Notes
Imperial forces imperial comander Rising Winds forces Rising Winds commander Outcome Notes
  • Note: this chronology only includes clashes related to the conflict between the two kingdoms and does not include the various civil conflicts and raids upon freeholds which may have occurred during the course of the war.


First battle of Frostlands