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These rules are outdated

Rules about Relics

Certain items of power are used in the battlegames and are passed on to new owners every six months via a Quest. Each Amtgard group may use its own Relics, though these are not to be used in regional or national battlegames. The effects and abilities of Relics are considered to be non-magical in nature; hits from Relics are considered magical. Relics include:

Dagger of Infinite Penetration

When thrown destroys all Non-Invulnerable Armor on the hit location struck and continues through to hit the target. Counts as one hit against invulnerability and invulnerability armor. If it strikes a shield the shield is destroyed without affecting the wielder.


Allows the holder to Mend broken weapons and shields (I: “I mend this item” x 10). It also allows the person’s dead teammates to come back alive at his location rather than having to return to their base.

Heimdall’s Horn

A one handed ‘red’ weapon only usable by Barbarian, and in fact, the only relic allowed to barbarians.

Ring of Power

Negates the first hit from each separate opponent per battlegame. Counts against weapons and any enchantments only, it is ineffective against spells and magic balls. Does work against class Ablities and Traits.

Shield of Reflection

Is completely indestructible. Will negate any effect that strikes it, even siege weapons and Amtgard Magic. Any magic ball of the Subdual School striking the Shield of Reflection instead affects the caster.

Sword of Flame

Is considered flame (as per Flameblade) and will kill a victim if it strikes any legal unprotected area (as per Imbue Weapon). Confers upon itself and its owner Protection from Flame. May only be used by one person, for one life, per game.

Amtgard Seven Expansion Group Relics

Other Relics

These are either old or specific to certain kingdoms if known please note their origins.

Amulet of Enchantments

The Wetlands had the Amulet of Enchantments. Whoever had it could carry one extra enchantment. This excluded Barbarians, and added lots of complexity to the "Robo-Scout". Reported by Sir Shadow.

Amulet of Imitation

Given By: Lars Magnus (Barony of Aradix) Gives the wearer the Bard's Mimic spell ability for one entire life of a battle game.

Arrow of Darkness

A Projectile Weapon from Dragonspine (reported by Selric Stonereaver) These arrows were marked with black and white striped cloth. Charged by saying "Darkness calls thee" x5 Anyone struck with a charged arrow was affected as if by a LOST spell.

Bow of Lightning

A bow for Dragonspine (when it was a Duchy) (reported by Sir Crosser) Any hit from an arrow fired from this bow was treated as a hit by a lightning bolt. It was marked with a jagged-looking lightning enchantment ribbon When Dragonspine became a kingdom it was passed on to the Duchy of Pegasus Valley.

Bow of Malice

A hardened 4 (four) point bow. The base damage for arrows shot from this bow is 4 points; regardless of whether the bow used is a short or long bow. (EH)

Crystal Sword

A Hardened short sword that costs no magic points for a caster class to wield.

Displacer Cloak

A bit of Garb By: Lars Magnus (while in the Barony of Uterwald) Negates the first non-magical projectile hit from each seperate opponent per battlegame. Except for restriction, similar to Ring of Power

Elven Chain

Dragonspine (when it was a Duchy) (reported by Selric Stonereaver) Could be worn by anyone. This silver tunic counted as three points of armor. When Dragonspine became a kingdom it was passed on to the Duchy of Pegasus Valley. Also used in the celestial kingdom. An identical relic called Mythril Chainmail was used in the Rising Winds and the Emerald Hills.

Gauntlets of Ogre Power

Weapons wielded by the wearer's Gauntleted hand(s) are considered Red. Melee weapons that are already Red do an extra point of damage to armor for a total of three. (EH)

Girdle of Giant Strength

Created in the Kingdom of the Valley of Silver Rains (reported by Trenton Kenmark) Usable (and only usable) by barbarians. Bestowed Barbarians with one point of armor. All of barbarian's attacks do double damage to armor.

God Steel

An Item Enhancement from the Valley of Silver Rains (Reported by Trenton Kenmark) Item was protected in a manner similar to Enchant Shield enchantment. Armor could not be made from God Steel.

Healer's Pouch

1 life per game you get the Heal Spell, unlimited uses. If the user is a healer they only need to say the last verse of the spell for that life. Reported by Glenalth.

Hammer of Thunderbolts

A Throwing Weapon By: Flotsam of Norgham (Silverwater (BL)) Only usable by Barbarians. Hits counted as hits by a slashing red weapon. When twirled overhead (on lanyard), wielder is immune to Call Lightning and Lightning Bolt.

Holy Sword

A short sword that when wielded by a Warrior, Monk, Healer, or Paladin, grants Paladin immunities to the wielder, only. The weapon itself is immune as well when wielded by one of the classes listed above. The immunities are: Immune to all wizard spells except the following- iceball, magicbolt, lightning bolt, sphere of annihilation. Note- they may still be effected by enchantments.

Javelin of Flame

A javelin that works as a Flame Arrow, activated by saying "Ignite" x5. This relic is open battlefield property and can be used and activated by anyone.


Throwing Weapon By: Bork of Darkwater East (BL) Four-bladed throwing weapon similar to item used in the movie Krull (the first one). Can be linked to owner or group of owners. Anyone not linked to it who touches it gets wounded on the arm that touched it. Info on construction of Krulls may be found here. There are usually multiple krulls available in a given battlegame.

Iron Bow

Weapon By: Dragonspine (reported by Selric Stonereaver) This bow is indestructible unless hit by Odin's Hammer or a similar relic.

Mask of Fury

This mask granted the wielder the ability to go Berserk (1/game). Usuable by Barbarians but did not trigger fight after death.

Necklace of Spellcasters

Item By: Mystic Seas (reported by Lynn Brightsword, not currently in use) Confers extra spellpoints to wearer. Does NOT give magic points to non-magic classes.

Odin's Hammer

A one-handed red weapon. Only usable by barbarians. (In fact, it is the only relic useable by Barbarians that occurred in the 6.0 Rulebook)

Orb of Healing

Allows a healer to cast the heal spell by saying "Sword cut, spear stab, mace smash, arrow jab, the white light of healing hath healed thee" and allows the healer to resurrect each player on his team once in addition to his normal resurrects. In the hands of any other class it allows the user to cast the heal spell as per healer. All granted Heals and Resurrects are magical in nature. (EH)

Orb of Health

Item Mystic Seas (reported by Lynn Brightsword, not currently in use) Healer may heal by holding orb to recipient and stating "By the power of this orb, I heal thee"x2. Usable one battlegame per event.

Orb of Negation

Grants upon the bearer immunity to all magic and magical effects, including beneficial magics such as heal. May only be used one life per game.

Periapt of Life Stretching

A necklace that grants the user 1 additional life, but they can no longer be ressurected under any means.

Red Shuriken

Throwing Weapon By: Mystic Seas (reported by Lynn Brightsword, not currently in use) Does an extra point of damage to armor. Does not destroy shields.

Ring of Anti-Magic

Item By: Valley of Silver Rains (Reported by Trenton Kenmark) Once per game, made wearer immune to magic. A dispell magic cast upon the ring would negate this effect, but only for 5 minutes (300 count).

Ring of Spell Storing

This ring could hold three spells total. It was charged by casting the spell into the ring; the caster of the spell would count that charging as a normal successful spellcast. The wearer of the ring could then cast the spells in the ring and use of a spell would remove it from the ring. That open charge could then be recharged. Charged spells do not carry over to other battle games. After original playtesting, we changed it to only hold verbals and enchantments. Our casters loved it because in exchange for filling the ring they would put some of their own protection enchants (Stoneskin, Pro Mag, etc.) into the ring then cast it back on the caster. Since the spell was cast on them by another player, it wouldn't be removed when the caster cast. This was a well loved and well received relic, though somewhat overbalancing on occassion. There are quite a few interesting combinations of spells + class abilites (from the person playing). -Ramius

Roobix Cube

Item By: Barony of Evergreen Vale (WL) (reported by Sable Cacophony) Before a battlegame, anyone could roll this cube, but they had to accept the Results:

  • Orange: Lose a level (if 1st level, roll again).
  • Black: Lose a life.
  • Red: Start game without a leg.
  • Yellow: Gain wizard protect, in addition to any other armor and enchantments worn.
  • Green: Get a life.
  • Blue: Gain a level (if 6th level, roll again).

There are different rules for a game with the cube in it, but they suck.

Sash of Regeneration

Item By: Valley of Silver Rains (reported by Trenton Kenmark) Gave wearer regeneration power of a troll. Limb wounds regenerate in a 25 count. Death regenerates in a 50 count.

Scimitar of Tyr

Type: weapon By: Lars Magnus (Barony of Aradix) Will destroy an undead creature with any hit to an unprotected area. Natural Armor does not count as a protected area. Destroyed by Sleeth Vioran the Black Dragon

Serpent's Revenge:

A bracelet that when worn, the wearer's death will Poison (as in Assassin's Poison) all player within 10 feet, friendly or not.

Shard of the Dracolich

A black dagger that grants undead immunities to the bearer while wielded. These immunities are: Charm, Subdual blows, Stun Arrow, Stun Weapon, Sleep, Mass Sleep, Poison, Touch of Death, Curse, Mutual Destruction, Finger of Death, Doomsday, and class abilities that steal lives. (Rising Winds)

Sword of Life

Type: Weapon By: Wavehaven (Dragonspine) E: A special short sword, wherein once per game, when a person is killed by this blade, the sword becomes charged. When the bearer of the relic dies, the person says "Sword of Life ressurect me!", and is instantly brought back to life.

Rod of Death

The first recorded Amtgard Relic in the Midwest is the “[Rod of Death]: point at any enemy and say twice ‘Rod of Death slay my foe’. It has 15 charges. It kills one person within 50 feet.” It was won by Mike Miller on Oct 10, 1983 in St. Louis.

Wand of Wounding

Type: Item By: Mystic Seas (reported by Lynn Brightsword, not currently in use) E: Unlimited "Wounding" spell for wizards. Point wand at victim and say "(victim's namex2), by the power of this wand I strike off your (limb)"

Silly Relics

Band of the Lucky Bastard

  • By: Goldenvale
  • E: Any strip of pink or orange cloth worn on the garb or body Bestows unlimited luck points
  • L: Bearer may not wield weapons nor cast magic. Bearer may not go within 20 feet of enemy base, nor remove band until dead

Berserker Sword

  • Type: Weapon
  • By: Roger Shrubstaff
  • E: This weapon allows a fighting after death berserker to add five (5) to his current count whenever he kills anyone with this blade. Thus with enough opponents he could stay on the field a long time.
  • N: This weapon was meant for use by barbarians, though this conflicts the rulebook's ban on relics for Barbarians other than Odin's hammer. In theory it could also be used by Bards mimicing barbarians and people made berserk by bardic emotion control. This weapon adds five (5) seconds to fight after death time of anyone berserk. If they are not high enough level to fight after death, then it still grants them five seconds.

Name: Healing Arrow

  • Type: Weapon (sort of)
  • By: Roger Shrubstaff
  • E: The Healing Arrow will heal any wounded limb it strikes if it flies more than 20' (must be fired from a bow). The Healing Arrow will still damage any armor or unwounded body parts it strikes.
  • L: Wounded limbs may not be moved in an attempt to "catch" the arrow. It will not heal barbarian berserk armor. It may be used on oneself, if one has both arms, and fires straight up a distance of no less than 20'
  • N: In theory, this may also be done if one is missing an arm, if one can hold the nock of the arrow with their teeth.

Magic Helmet

  • Type: Headgear
  • By: Seth Thompson
  • L: Can only be worn by someone wielding a spear.
  • E: Wearer immediately loses the ability to pronounce the letters "L" and "R". "Sorrowfully" becomes "sowwowfuwy," and so forth. Wearer must deliver all dialogue operatically. This means he or she cannot speak normally, but must declaim all lines stentorically and musically. Whether or not any of it rhymes or makes musical sense is another matter entirely. Think of it as a combination between casting a 50' range spell and singing. Appropriately dramatic gestures are a nice touch, but not required. Intended specifically for quests involving the "white rabbit" monster (see Dor Un Avathar). Provides 8 pts of invulnerability vs. attacks from White Rabbit. White Rabbit ability to ignore all types of armor does not count vs. invulnerability provided by helmet. Wearer must attempt to destroy White Rabbit completely and utterly. As long as wearer sings his Song of Vengeance, he is immune to any attacks or effects of the White Rabbit. May call lightning 3xlife upon any foe, including the White Rabbit.
  • Song of Vengeance: The wearer of the Helmet must sing his Song of Vengeance whenever he wishes to use his invulnerable armor or immunities (which, mind you, only protect him from the White Rabbit). The Song of Vengeance is the words "Kill the Rabbit" (or, "Kiw da Wabbit") repeatedly sung to the tune of Wagner's "Ride of the Valkries" from his Ring Cycle. As soon as the rabbit is dead, the wearer of the Magic Helmet must carry it off the field, weeping in sorrow and shame for having killed it.

Kryptonite Arrow

  • Type: Projectile Weapon
  • By: Dragonspine (when it was a Duchy) (reported by Selric Stonereaver)
  • E: With any hit it would kill Supermonk outright. Did +1 damage to anyone else (above normal arrow damage as per bow firing it). Supermonk (Jetara) could fly by striking a heroic pose and stating "Up, Up and Away"x1.

Smart Arrow

  • Type: Weapon (banned as unsafe)
  • By: Roger Shrubstaff
  • E: The Smart Arrow should never be fired from a bow. Instead it is handed to a snotling (pref. a page) who runs with it towards your intended target for a 100 count. If they can touch the target with the arrow, it does a wound where it touches. Target may not attack the arrow (exception: Monks may still catch it), but may attempt to distract it by dropping chaff (e.g., candy, small change) to distract the snotling.