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A Weapon

According to the Rulebook

At least five feet in length. Includes spears but may also have slashing edges (minimum 1 foot in length for a striking edge, must have padding on upper 1/3 of length). Considered wooden for purposes of being targeted by Spell or affecting Monster.

Examples of different pole arm blades

How to make a pole arm

Who can use Polearms?

For more information see the Equipment Construction pages.

Here is what Pahyum thinks about polearms

I don't fight pole very often. Even though I don't have a serious amount of pole experience, I have this thing called "common sense." Common sense tells me that the strike legal part of my weapon counts as a legal hit. The rest of the weapon does not. If someone rushes in on my pole to the point of being past the strike legal part of my weapon, the first thing I'm going to do is not continue to bring about the core of my weapon into my opponent but to pull the strike legal part of my weapon into a position where it can score a legal hit to win the match against my opponent.

This is pretty akin to fighting with any other weapon. For example if I am swinging my long sword at my opponent's shoulder and they move in such a way that their head is the way of my shot, the first thing I'm going to do is pull my sword into a position where I can connect with a shoulder and not a head.

If someone is constently thwacking people with the core of their pole it is because they suck and don't understand how to use the weapon or they are doing it on purpose. Just like if someone is constently hitting people in the face with a sword. It is because they suck or they are doing it on purpose. The pole is not the unsafe factor, it is the user.

Coring happens. Face shots happen. But when it is obvious that someone is constantly doing it, that is when it is time to take that person aside and figure out what is going on. Padding won't fix every problem.

Garik on Poles

The weapon is easy to learn, but difficult to master. New players often gravitate toward using these long-ranged weapons because of their ease of use and high offensive capability.


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