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Vaargard Malorius the Stormbringer, Defender of the Kingdom of the Wetlands.

”It is never about how people perceive you now, but in how you will be remembered, once you are gone.”

Affiliated Groups

Founder of The Order Of The White Rose

Founder of Mordengaard
Founder of Granite Spyre
Founder of Kingdom of the Wetlands

Belted Family

Liege to Page Demonis.
Liege to Squire Sorsha.
Liege to Squire Dorath.
Liege to Sir Harlan.
Liege to Sir Margul.

Notable Accomplishments

Cover to Dor Un Avathar (7th ed.)
Artistic contributions Dor Un Avathar (7th ed.)

Awarded Honorary Rank (Grand Order of The Roc) in The Birds of Prey on September 1, 1998.

Administrator of dozens of Amtgard Web Pages in the 90s and early 2000. Winner of Amgard "Best of the Net" award. Some notable pages were the Three-Man drinking game page, the Cloved Orange page, the Interkingdom Circle of Knights, Interkingdom Guild of Heralds, Interkingdom Circle of Steel, Amtgard Event Reviews, and quite a few others.
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Creator of the Kingdom of the Wetlands logo, Granite Spyre Logo, Mordengaard Logo and many other logos, both area-related and personal, found in the Kingdom of the Wetlands.

Creator of many How-To Amtgard Guides which are still being used to this day.

Appeared on PBS promoting Amtgard on two separate occasions.

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