Order of Precedence

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In the corpora, a listing of various titles and offices, from most important to least. You will have things like the King at the top, and things like Court Jester farther down.

This does not exactly reflect the actual view people have of these items, for example Knighthood is somewhere in the middle of the titles, yet usually more highly regarded by people than many of the titles above it. Jester ranks above Weaponmaster, but it would be in some places difficult to find someone who regards it with more prestige.

The standard Amtgard Order of Precedence is listed below. It is very similar to the first order of precedence as established by Aramithris on July 16th 1988. Many of these titles have equivalents which occupy the same spot, e.g. "Emperor" is used instead of "King" in the Iron Mountains. There are a few regional variations noted at the end. This is for within one Kingdom. Visiting dignitaries are usually accorded the equivalent position, though depending on the ceremony they may sometimes be treated as higher or lower. Some of these are offices, some are titles, a few like Baron are both. The title and office both hold the same position on the order of precedence in these cases.