Mystic Glade

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The Barony of Mystic Glade

A Defunct Park under Winter's Edge, Neverwinter Knoxville,Tennessee.


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For more information, see Mystic Glade History

Founded by Kalidor or "K" and Snicker Furfoot during his time in Tennessee, it was one of the the driving forces behind the Principality of Winter's Edge until the majority of it's members changed parks or moved on in life. As of 2011 it is a constant traveling park, where the majority of it's members meet at Radiant Valley on Sundays since many have real life obligations on Saturdays when the park would have actually met.


The only consistent active players at the moment are Zeb, Subway, Lexi and Beefy

Directions Contacts

Mystic Glade has been defunct since about 2011. Our members folded into Radiant Valley in Oak Ridge.

Contact Zeb @ [email protected] or Donnie @ [email protected] for more info.

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