The South Side Sultan

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Lord South Side, Esquire, of The Valley of the Twin Rivers in the Kingdom of the Rising Winds

”Dammit Jordan” - Malkav



This has been left intentionally blank.

Affiliated Groups

Mystic Falcons (Purple Tiercel)

Belted Family

Formerly Squired to Varas until he was stripped in 2017.


- Lord, given by Baron Lord Master Malkav
- Master, given by Baron Lord Master Malkav
- Esquire, given by Pinkie
- Court Bard of the Rising Winds, given by Regent Baronet Lady Lexi during the Reign of the Supreme Tyrant Asche

Notable Accomplishments

- Slayer of the Leviathan
- Received 7 awards and 1 title in a 3 month period.
- Took second place in his first Kingdom level Dragon Master
- Ran for years the most boss game of InterQuest Amtgard has ever seen
- Most epic Quick. It's so true.
- Totally didn't add any of this himself, because he is incredibly humble

More Information

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