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Mo’kathah (or Moks for short) are a race of carnivorous, amphibious humanoids who have developed a primitive, tribal culture. Moks are generally warlike, particularly in groups, and tend to pick fights they cannot hope to win. Surprisingly, this tendency has bred bigger, stronger Moks instead of leading to their extinction.

While individual Moks can be reasoned with - usually through bribes or displays of strength - two or more Moks almost always results in a reversion to pugilistic chest-thumping and dangerously aggressive behavior.
Nautical Nights

Game Statistics

  • Silver sash
  • Green or teal tabard
  • Fins and scales.
Requirements None
Monster Type Humanoid
Level 2
Power Rating 1
Armor 1 (Natural) or 2 (Worn)
Shields Small
Weapons Short,Long,Javelin



  • None

Special Notes