Midnight Rain

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Shire of Midnight Rain

A Shire of the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills located in Meeker,OK.


Sheriff: Jaek Nayr

Prime Minister: Leon Stonewall

Regent: None

Champion: Jasum Edge


An active but small group spends most of its game time battlegaming. But just because they love to battle game doesn't mean they are afraid to spar as well...After the battlegames are done for the day of course.


Contact & Directions

Nestled in the small town of Meeker, Oklahoma this group plays at Homestead Park at the corner of Johnson St. and Scott St. When you follow the link to google maps, you'll have to click on the "did you mean" link that it brings up.

We start playing around Noon on Saturdays. If you have any questions never hesitate to call! (405)808-4058

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