Melisandra Moirai

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Baroness Loremaster Man at Arms Melisandra Moirai, Discordian, of Biting Winds, Goldenvale


Melisandra played Amtgard for the first time after prompting from friends while visiting CT in November of 2014. That park was Biting Winds and those friends were the original founding members. After that day, she found a new home at Midnight Rain in Emerald Hills. A year and half later she returned to Biting Winds.

At Biting Winds she has served first as Pro-tem Regent and then as Chancellor for the Shire. She was also Pro-tem Chamberlain under Jondal'ar Silvertongue. She also served as Kingdom Prime Minister for Goldenvale for two terms in 2018. She has also served as a member of the AI Contracts Team. In February 2019 she once again took on the role of Shire Chancellor. In 2020 she was elected to the Goldenvale Board of Directors. In 2021, she served as President of the Board.

In August 2019, she was co-autocrat with Soren Stoutstein for Fury of the Northlands titled Happily Never After: A Princess Bride Adventure. She was also gatecrat for Great Eastern 2019. She is also co-autocrat with Marcus Argus Bjornson for Great Eastern 2021 (delayed from 2020).

In March of 2017 she was also awarded the non-noble title Loremaster for winning that month's Kingdom Regent's challenge with her poem "Gollum"s Inner Thoughts." In August 2016 she was awarded the title of Mistress. In 2018 she was also awarded the title Baroness by Weaver. She was also awarded the non-noble title Discordian by Soren Stoutstein.

Belted Family

Man at Arms to Squire Katae

Page Ogsuss The Tall

Page Jack the Black

Affiliated Groups

Crew of the Obsidian Rakesh

House Fierce

House Ingotbraid

Team Roleplay

The Salty Queers Brigade

Personal Heraldry

Art by Natile Rudell

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