Jondal'ar Silvertongue

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Jondal'ar Silvertongue
Home Park Granite Crown
Kingdom Goldenvale
Year Started 1997
Noble Title Grand Duke
Belt Status Crown Knight

Grand Doge Consular Jondal'ar Silvertongue of Granite Crown (He/They)

”Don't make me sing a song about it.”
"I'm not always a corporate shill, but when I am, it's for Archibald's Owls!"


A traveler who played in Neverwinter before it was Neverwinter, in the frozen North of Maine when the Freehold of Northshield became a lost frozen dream, and a time or two in Blackspire, Jondal'ar currently resides in Granite Crown, where he held fond memories from years prior. Gifted the moniker of Silvertongue at an event from Darkwater East, late in the last century, he has kept it in use and strives to never forget. A bard above all, usually humming a tune whether swinging stick (rarely) or a kitchen instrument, he is always looking to learn a new skill or craft, or get feedback on his projects. He finds simple joys in trying new recipes and bringing them to the crowd at Goldenvale, hoping for compliments to stroke his ego, and feedback to make it better next time. At larger events he can be seen with an empty tankard, wandering about and looking to sing a song. His throat though, so parched, if you could just fill the tankard a bit, it's sure to help. Vodka please.

His travels bring him around the world, songs and treasures and magics everywhere wait to be discovered. His longswords whispered their names to him. Calavera and Kuro-neko. His dagger Silvershine promises not to get jealous. Recently in his forge he created a set of short swords, christening one as Twilight, and awaits an appropriate name for the other.

Lately he is working on crafting skills. Garbing, dollmaking, scroll work, anything else that pops into mind is fair play. In his plans to bring some light to the dark of winter, he has made many candles in the fall of 2014.

He's been working to round himself out as a player and a citizen of the greater game. He has created an officer document to help new officers, as well as organized care packages to go to all kingdoms in the game.

His old parks by date were:

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Offices Held
    • Kingdom Scribe under King Nexus Crow — September 2013 to 8 March 2014
    • Kingdom Chamberlain from 8 March 2014, until 25 May 2014. (The last elected Chamberlain in the Kingdom.)
    • Kingdom Prime Minister May 2014-Dec 2014
    • The Final static crown Monarch of the Kingdom of Goldenvale, March 2015-September 2015
    • Kingdom Prime Minister December 2015-May 2016
    • Kingdom Monarch September 2016-March 2017
    • Kingdom Champion March 2018- September 2018, as well as stepping in partway through the term ending September 2019.
    • Kingdom Regent March 2020-September 2020 (The beginning of the plague era, a new time of online classes. Jondal'ar regrets this term and plans to work at having a second try to do it better)

More Information

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