Jason Silverheart

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Lord Jason Silverheart of The Mystic Seas, Blackspire

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Sailed east for the New World in 1607 (2007). Ship pulled through a whirlpool during a violent storm off of Cape Town, emerged from it to find himself off the western coast of the New World as the only survivor. Sailed up the Columbia, and Willamette rivers to settle in the Shire of Oathbreaker Bog. Trained with and received his first longsword from Maggot. Discovered the source of the whirlpool was the magic ring given to him by his former love in England, and used it to travel from place to place across the pacific as a privateer and salvage merchant. While in port in Japan, discovered Firebrand the Red Dragon Ninja, the last of his clan, and accepted him as first mate of his crew. Later discovered a friendly barbarian by the name of Kreg, and the trio became inseparable.

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Field Sergeant of Black Hand (Company)

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  • Lord given by Silverlock June, 2011 for promoting the game far and wide and assisting in Amtgard demonstrations at several conventions including Gamestorm, Sakuracon, and Kumoricon.

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